Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting Phoenix

While some may attribute landscape lighting as a service offered only by landscapers, Arizona Electrical Solutions offers landscape lighting design and repair work for the entire Phoenix metro and valley area.

Having a professional and experienced electrical contractor install your system ensures that your electrical system is protected and ready for all voltages and needs. We understand voltage drop and design your system to equip your current and future landscape lighting needs.

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We install your system right the first time and we take the extra care to seal all electrical connections with weatherproof sealant. 90% of landscape lighting failures are due to poor splicing being exposed to the elements. If you do happen to find your landscape lighting system has a failure, the electricians at Arizona Electrical Solutions have all the proper tracing equipment to find your weathered connections without tearing up your yard in the process.

We offer products from Vista, FX, and Hadco landscape lighting. These products have a range in warranties from five years, all the way to the lifetime of the fixture. LED lighting is a great way to illuminate your yard for a fraction of the cost of a halogen bulb.

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