Lights Flickering

Are your lights flickering in Phoenix Arizona? Are they happening all the time? Does it just do it very once in a while? There are many different reason for the lights flickering in your home or office. One of the first places to look is in your electrical panel. Inside your electrical panel there is usually a neutral bar. This bar has all the “White” wires are located. On this bar there are screws. Electricity vibrates, overtime these neutral wires can loosen screws on The terminals. You can tighten these by trying to screw clockwise on each of the terminal’s. You also should tighten the terminals on the grounding bar, this is a bar usually with the bare copper wires attached. You should be careful when working inside a hot electrical panel, an insulated screwdriver should be used. Preferably, you should turn off the main breaker before work young electrical panel. Some older electrical panels do not come with the main breaker. This makes working under all electrical that much more difficult if you’re not experienced. Lights flickering can also be cause by loose neutral wire in your light switches and your outlets. To test this, you must open up every switch and reconnect the wires firmly with your wire nut. It’s best to twist your wires first, before applying your wire nuts. Another cause of lights flickering, can be the load on your electrical panel. If you have your AC system breaker located on the same side of the bus bar as your lighting circuit. This can cause a loss of a load on the lighting circuit when the air compressor on the AC unit is to kicks on. The type of light bulbs you have maybe causing your lights to flicker? LED bulbs and their led drivers are known to cause flickering from time to time. You might want to consider changing your light bulbs? Lights flickering can also be caused by your dimmer switch. Not all dimmers switches are created equal. Your dimmer has to be design for whatever type of bulb you are running. They do make universal dimmers. That work with CFL’s, LED”s, Halogen and Florescent bulbs. You also need to make sure the wattage on your dimmer and support the amount of lights on your circuit. One of the last reasons your lights can be flickering? May not be related to your electrical system at all. Your utility company’s transformer might be having issue due to demand of electricity in your area or the transformer might be going bad.. Your utility company would need to install a monitoring system to check for fluctuations from the lineside to your load side of your electrical service. If your having issues with your lights flickering and are looking to hire an electrician in the Phoenix Metro area? Call Arizona Electrical Solution. We will be more than happy to sent one of our tech’s out to investigate your issue.

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