Cheap Electrician

Are you looking for a cheap electrician in the Phoenix Arizona area? You may want to ask yourself what your getting for your money? We understand that electrical problems happen to everyone of different income levels and some don’t have the extra cash on hand when your electrical system stops working. Maybe hiring a handyman would be considered a cheap electrician? Handyman have experience wiring up fans and outlets when requested to do so. Maybe changing out a breaker? If you have a trouble shooting issue that goes beyond the swap out? Then you might up paying more in the long run, due to inexperience. Granted, not all handymen are created equal. But when your allowing your life to be put in the hands of a cheap electrician. You might end up paying the price. Most house fires in the United States are caused by electrical fire. Most of this is due to aging electrical systems, but some is due to improper wiring practices and not following the electrical code. When you use a cheap electrician, what happens when you have a warranty issue? If your contractor didn’t make much profit during your transaction. Coming back to address your issue will effect their bottom line. I don’t say this out of speculation.. I say this because these thing are reiterated to us over and over again by dissatisfied customers that had an issue with their last electrician. Not all electrical contractors are created equal. Some mom and pop operations have a lower operating costs and can provide services at a discounted rate. You might be able to get the cheap electrician price, with the experience of a pro. Though a cheap electrician would be better known as an oxymoron or two words that greatly contradict the other. You can find quality in the price you pay for service and warranty of goods. A licensed electrical contractor in the state of Arizona, is bound by two year agreement, to honor labor and goods from defect. You are also paying for a piece of mind. All Electricians for Arizona Electrical Solutions carry 8 million worth of insurance when they walk onto your property. Liability insurance, Auto Insurance, workmen’s Comp, umbrella policy. Cheap electricians cannot afford these types of insurance. Most cheap electricians work for themselves. Arizona law does not require a self employed person to carry workmen’s Comp. insurance. If he were to be injured on your property. You could be held liable?  Arizona Electrical Solutions offers competitive service call fee’s and our estimates are fair and balanced. If your looking for an Electrical contractor in the Phoenix Arizona area? Gives a call today! We offer free estimates on new installations.

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